Custom Bike Frame Manufacturer

We specialise in manufacturing custom road bikes and custom track bikes, creating unique designs based around your body shape, weight and height. We have three styles of bike frame available to purchase online, all made to size & ready within two weeks and all for the same price of a mass produced imported bike. However, If you are looking for a bike framebuilder to make you something really unique, this is where we get excited. Fill out a few details on our contact page, and one of our experienced rider/framebuilders will call you back to discuss your dream bike. We don't import and sell cheap bike frames, we craft & engineer the best track, road and BMX cycling frames!

High Quality Bike Frames

All our road bikes, track cycling frames and BMX frames are lugless tig-welded from the best alloys: reynolds, EN24,  EN16T, meticulously crafted and engineered in our workshop in Nottinghamshire.

We are also able to use a variety of tubing profiles – teardrop, oval and round;
all which have different performance properties.

Complete Bikes

Not only do we build high quality, lightweight frames but we're able to source a huge range of finishing kits at trade prices to ensure your bike can be built to your exact specifications. Choose from our basic kit the Exigo for forks, tyres seatpost and saddle, to the full works with our Omnia pack.