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Second wind..

“Do you sell cranks?” “We certainly do sir” “Do you think I should change them?” “Are they broken?” “No, they just look a little tired and don’t match the rest of the bike” “Well, how about…..” After listing a few options one of our customers opted for one of our new services. Cranks take a…

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The sun has got his hat on!

“Chesterfield, 11?” I suppose that’s a reasonable proposition for a sunny day. Giving the old legs a stretch on the finalised Vox before next weeks regional championships at the newly resurfaced chesterfield track. Great too see so many riders out, it’s amazing what a bit of vitamin D does to ya!

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The Vox is here!

For a while now we’ve been developing our stock models, a tweak here, a hole there. Exactly the same methods are used, all made in house by hand to order, just we decide the geometry 🙂

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New product ranges coming!

Our online store is now ready to rock n roll, with two of our best-selling frames available to purchase online through paypal or google checkout! The Vosis & the Vox frames are still customisable in size, ranging from Small to XXL sizes, finished in primary colours or black/white and of course, adorned with our unmissable…

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Why we’re the best

Here at Invictus, our team of experts will consult with you on various aspects of your cycling to ensure you’re receiving the finest cycle you own. We consider everything from your height, arm lengths, leg lengths, weight and experience match the materials, construction style and strenght of your custom frame. Not only do our bikes…

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First blog post!

Hi. We’re Invictus. We make custom, performance race bike frames, handmade here in the UK. Our expertise and knowledge of custom bicycles stems from over 20 years experience in the industry, racing bikes ourselves. We have a passion for cycles, and we take every care in ensuring we deliver the best. From first consultation, our…

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