The end is in sight

So the finish line is in sight, the shops getting fitted, the ply is going down. Vision ramps and the boys have done an absolutely AMAZING job, all the guys helping out including new invictus factory rider Jake Walters are doing a phenomenal job, it’s actually a work of art. As we were letting the welds cool on the grind rails we are installing we went and admired John from vision ramps craftsmanship in the bowl corners. “SUCKS BEING CLEVER DUN IT!” A voice heckles followed by a wave of laughter.
A warehouse in huthwaite has been transformed in just seven weeks into a riding heaven. Countless Lines and possibilities await on the opening day. With years of experience being put into the Aslyum Skatepark in Huthwaite, its no wonder it rides and looks so good. Two weeks to go, we can’t wait….